Does Condoleezza Rice really expect to be welcome in the Middle East? Surely not, for as US Secretary of State, we already know her agenda; it is pro-Israel, pro-US. Historically, Arabs are known for hospitality, but they do not want her here. It will be futile.

Claims of impartiality are not credible. Arab patience has worn thin. Her bias and a US agenda driven by Israel, is there for all to see. Even in announcing her visit to the region, Rice said she will "meet with Prime Minister Olmert and his leadership and President Abbas and his team". Does she mean Abbas does not have leadership? Is he some sort of football captain that only has a "team"? It is demeaning terminology of this type that gives her away.

Rice has said she will not meet Hezbollah or Syria. So what does she expect to achieve in coming here? Maybe it is to give approval of Israel's actions, and confirmation the requested smart bombs will be delivered. What will she say to Abbas in Palestine? Why doesn't she meet the Palestinian prime minister as well? The main conflict is in Lebanon, so why not go there and talk to the elected prime minister, whom the US was so pleased to triumph when appointed?

She acknowledges there are no "quick fixes" to the conflict, and says, "now is not the time to call for a ceasefire" as it would be based upon false promises. So why come here if she has nothing new to say? Is it to promote her belief that Lebanon is going through "the pangs of the new Middle East"? Are we to conclude that these "pangs" will be in accord with US control, courtesy of Israel?

Arabs, Muslims and Christians, mock so-called American impartiality. They know Rice will achieve little, if anything, in coming here. They know that Rice will reassure Olmert of continued support from the US, whatever agenda Israel may carry out against its neighbours.

Only Israelis are happy to see Rice here. From an Arab perspective, Condoleezza is wasting our time and should go home.